Sunday Chaos!

June 22, 2008 at 2:35 pm Leave a comment

It all started after i was done with my jogging in the Spring last week…

I was holding it tightly until I heard some one screaming madly behind me and without any due I turn back and I saw a middle age pale old women was staring at me and with her mouth open wide requesting for something which I think she claimed to be hers. She fastly walked towards me and i think she is angry.. But i don’t know why.. Here’s the conversations which i managed to remember.

Me: Can I help you? ( i asked very politely )
OW: Alo, you are holding my thing without my permission and please give it back before i call security.
Me: What? This is yours? ( I raised my voice in disbelief as i show her the thing which she claimed belongs to her )

I personally never like liars and thiefs and if i meet one, i know what to do with them (i took silat olahraga when i was in uni), but gawd! What am i supposed to do with this pale old women?

OW: What are you waiting for ? Pass it to me, NOW!

I don’t know what else to do. No body were around us and i don’t want to create any more trouble and bad situations here. So I guess,that is enough and i don’t want any body to get hurt because of me. Damn it! I have to be considerate this time for my own saftey. Nevertheless the time was so envy of me and i was inherit too. With a heavy heart and mix feelings, i finally passed it down.


Few minutes later, i feel fine and with one finger, i push the button and away that thing went down, flushed in the toilet bowl.


Was i sleeping in the toilet? – I asked my self over and over again..


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