Busy Weekend

June 29, 2008 at 8:40 pm 3 comments

Last night i attended Dr. Jessi and Mr Michael wedding reception at the Crown Tower restaurent. Earlier my little sister Rabecca called from Miri just to say hi. I felt happy for her since she always remember me thoug she is quite far in Miri. Anyway, after set myself for the reception, i brough my parents out around 6.30pm. Arrived at the restaurent around 6.45pm, went directly to my table which is table no2, vey near to the stage and of-course, with the band boys. But for that night, i told everyone that i wouldn’t be playing but rather be the spectators whom might finish up all the course of dishes while the band boys are up at the stage playing some musics.. hahaha..

Ops, before i go much further, allow me to introduce the weding couple, solemnized in the morning of 28,th June at the St. Faith Church, Kuching. Her name is Jessi, she is a medical doctor. She was my neighbour in Batu Kawa police camp where our father was colleague and we go to the same church. I don’t know that much about the husband, Michael, an Iban and they worrk both in the same Miri hospital. Michael is a male nurse or dreser? I don’t know how do they call themself… So last night, the songs were various, sang by the unknown singers.. i did some joget too, funn 🙂 Went back around 9.30pm. But around 10.00pm, we still have visitors, my parents friends and they lepak until mid night but as for me and my brother, we slept.
 Sunday, i woke up quite early.. the room was so cold.. after my hot shower, around 10am, i drove to church, went back after lunch, Oh, my uncle came to visit us. They are from Sibu and they plan to have lucnch here.. Later Gabriel came around 3pm, brought him to Hopoh, i need to buy jeans, it has been a period i didn’t buy myself anything new.. around 4pm we played badminton at the Arena Sukan, wow, i did sweat like what..  frankly, i didn’t like that court, it was soo hot, and much more expensive compare to Stakan, the only advantage is, it is only 2 minutes drive from home…. Went home for dinner around 5.oopm, and, suprisingly Combat and co were there.. oh, how tired i am but these are my guests which i need to treat like VVIPSs because they are my 1st cousins. I was so surprised to hear they said my dad’s curry is extremely nice, just like how their father, my dad’s little brother, cooked it. Wow, it runs in the family i guess.. Anyway, they left after having dinner here. It was an unforgetable moment for me since i think that was the 1st time they pay us a visit after so many years. And as for combat who works in Ulu Kinta, he is on 2 weeks leaves, send his 4 months pragnent wife back here before its due.

Tonight, now i’m so tired, i took my long hot bath in the tub and i planned to go to bed early.. Cheers!


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  • 1. saran79  |  June 30, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    friend, i guess they called them medical officer assistant…the dreser part I’m not too sure..sound like dresser…hehe

  • 2. David  |  June 30, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    OIC… thanks for the info.. How are you?

  • 3. saran79  |  July 1, 2008 at 5:56 am

    Good morning! oh I’m fine physically but not emotionally and spiritually…going thru “hard time”..neway have a great day ahead and God bless


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