Refresh Monday

June 30, 2008 at 9:27 pm Leave a comment

I thought i’d have a good sleep but then i was interrupted by few phone calls from the company, my AE called me regarding equipment issue.. So around midnight, in the rain, i drove to the company and settled the issue within seconds. 10 minutes later, drove back home.. what a hush!! My sleep was distrurbed by unneccessary factors. I blame myself for that , why? Entahlah labu…

Yup, the Spain won the Euro 2008 cup over the Germany team.. But i was not affected by it.. Obviously foot ball is not my game at all.. the last time i remembered to kick a ball was when i was in primary school and that was it.. Later then i chose tennis and i love tennis so much until now. Now i go for something lighter which is badminton. The racket is light, the shuttlecork is light and i can play double or sngle and i have many friends regardless sex whom share this sport with me and the nearest badminton court is only 2 minutes drive from home. Need i to say more?

by messon08

Since the feul hike, our country i can say is in a mess, both politically and economically.. but i’m still in the stage of denial despite the increasing price of foods, drinks and car petrol, i still spend like there is no tomorrow. I bought myself 2 pairs of jeans and i bought mom a radio too ( which i’m still waiting to arrive due to order it online from MBF). She longs for a radio since we moved into this renovated house. Last time she had a radio and every morning she would tune it to iban channel and around 6 am something, there would be hymms from churches played on the radio and an invited speaker will preach his sermon base on the bible. This programme is a daily basis and frankly I missed that programme. I love this particular hymms entitled ”What a friend we have in Jesus” .. Just hold on mak 🙂

Hmmm, it’s 9.30 pm, and i think i better go to my room and on the aircond and read my bed time story.. Ah? Do i have bed time story book? Hehehe… nope, i never like to read.. i hate reading and i think i forgot all the alphebets from A to Z and i stop reading after graduated in 1999. Belive it or not, I even forgot to spell my own name… ( I’M BEING REDICULOUS FOR A WHILE). Oklah, Good Night!!


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