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The 3 top places that i want to visit if i have the opportunity are:

1. New York, Washington and Chicago – United States of America, I want to climb the statue of liberty, i want to walk outside the wall street, i want to visit the historical ex world trade center, i want to buy souveniers at the manhattan street, i want to relax and eat ice-cream at the central park and try the tasty hot dog with extra sauce and mustard along the way, i want to fish under the brooklyn bridge and last but not least, i want to have my peaceful weekends on thirty-two acres overlooking Blue Mountain Lake, the Adirondack museum which set is inseparable from the natural beauty surrounding it. Its twenty-two indoor and outdoor exhibits tell of the people who have inhabited and visited this land of forests, lakes, and mountains since the early 1800s, In Washington, i’d like to see the White house and not forgetting the Abe statue, i’d like to stroll along the park,maybe with one of the US minister whom never care about his status and always be an open minded type of person… Chicago, i wnat to meet my old child mate by the name of Lucy, i miss her a lot!

2. Christchurch – New Zealand, I just want to meet the Maori’s and learn their traditional dance which has been use by most of the world class rugby team nowadays, even at my own school and besides that i want to visit the place where the movie Lords of the Rings being done and stay there overnight and treat myself with the famous lamb chop with white wine, oh, don’t forget that the lamb chop must be well done.

3. Finally i want to visit Bombay – India city, i want to meet Shah Rukh Khan and Rekha, my indian idol should i say… I want to learn how to dance with those two hero and heroin and maybe just insert few seconds of me dancing in one of their new movie… Besides that i want to bathe at the Ganges River together with the local and while i bath, i’d lke to show off my swimming skills ( do i have skills besides floating ) and finally having a sumptous dinner with Rekha at one of the riverside restaurent available in Bombay.


So if anyone out there whom like to sponser me, please leave me a message and i’l get back to you instantly 🙂



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