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July 7, 2008 at 11:40 pm Leave a comment

Just arrive home from the airport and munching some chocolates.. Emmm I love chukulete.. Actually my body still feels tired after the work done on the tools at work, so I told myself to go back as early as I can and around 6.10pm, I left for home.

At home, i quickly had my dinner, fish curry with a little bit of rice, hmmmm some one is on diet.. Finish dinner, make myself a bottle of hot tea with somboi in it, then i went to the bath room together with the hot tea which i prepared, ‘On’ the heater and fill the bath tub with hot water. Yes, i broke a record just now. Usually i did this on weekends but i just couldn’t resist it so i soaked myself inside the tub filled with hot water and drink my hot tea while i let my legs, hands and body muscles and my joints to relax and let the blood flow easily in my veins and my heart also started to beat slowly and finally at a normal path. My body temperature went down to normal again and at last, i am totally at rest, cool and relaxed. Thanks to the hot tea too..

After 30 minutes, i wiped myself with a smooth dry towel and went to my bedroom and wore my sarong and a t-shirt, then went to the tv room , lay down on the sofa and had another rest infront of TV while observing both my nephew and niece watching mr Bean… 7.30pm, my sister and her family went home so i changed to a proper attire, brought my parents to the air-port for their dinner at the KFC while waiting for my brother’s Australia-Singapore-Kuching flight to arrrive around 8.30pm in KIA. The dinner last for about 1 hour, well planed since the Silk Air which my brother ‘flew in’ arrived in time too..

”Wah the 2 stories Singapore Airlines Airbus 380 which i use to fly from Singapore to Sydney was so huge” , that was the first thing he said in the car while i was driving home.. Well, as for myself,  i’ve  flew in Korean Air, Lufthansa, German Wings but non can compare to Malaysian Airlines services but i do not know what is extra with Singapore Airlines. Perhaps, next time i fly and i find out myself… But i do know they have very pretty and sexy sterwardess on board… 

Now i’m laying on my bed with the room temperature 25 deg.Celcius, cold enough to end this blog and eager enough to go to sleep. So.. Good night!


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I don’t care? Huarghhh…

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