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Since last week, Kuching citizens are so excited on going to the Rain Forest Music Festival which is going to be held  at the Sarawak Cultural Village on the 12-14 July every year. I’ve been to this event 2 years back and i did enjoy myself especially during the evening session where the concerts of all nations started.. But this year, i didn’t have the plan to go since the price of the ticket has increased unnecessaryly!.. But as for my colleagues, they never experienced it and they wanted to go but they do not have any tickets. I told them that the tickets are many and would never be finished and that’s where the story begin…


I feel so terrible today, teribble enough to throw my reputation into the drain! I know it’s tough to gain other people’s trust once you took it away from them. It was all because of some tickets which I thought would never be sold off, I was wrong because the last day (Sunday) ticket was sold off and i supposed to get that last day ticket earlier from my friend for my colleagues. But due to some reasons, to cut the story short, i didn’t managed to get that ticket. So this morning i called my buddy to help me to buy 2 Sunday tickets and he said Ok, Later on i went into the line but left my handphone inthe office and around 11am i found out i have 5 miss-calls from him and a sms saying that he already got the tickets and plan to passed it to me during lunch at Tabuan Jaya Sugar Bun. Oh what a relief, i said to myself..

 I ordered a set of snack plate together with an orange juice while waiting for him to come…

 Willie: Here it is, two ticket that you request.. but..

 Me: Oh, Thank you, have a seat..

 Willie: But it’s for Saturday, not Sunday as you requested, i tried to call you several times….

 Me: What????????????


At that moment i don’t want to think of anything, i just want to figure out on how to explain to my colleagues. I’m very good in Maths and Science but i don’t think this subjects will help to settle this business.


 The chicken that i eat seems to be not enough. Now i want to eat human….


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