Another Day…

July 13, 2008 at 9:44 pm 1 comment

Yesterday my friend and I went to the Sarawak World Rain Forest Music Festival, as I said earlier, I actually didn’t want to go but since there were tickets, came from nowhere, just go lah, I have nothing to do at home also and I got nothing to lose. During lunch time, my aunty came over for a visit but i was too tired to entertain her so went off to my bed, knowing that mom and dad were there to serve her. I slept like a piglet from 12.30 to 15:30 pm. I was really really tired, tired of work.. 

As i woke up, i gained my strength back and i felt more energetic just like popeye, after eating his spinach 🙂 I took my long cool shower with the Johnson & Johnson medicated, pinkish baby shampoo where the aroma was so soothing and the balance pH really suits my sensitive skin.. I felt so refreshing when i was done..

That afternoon, the weather was fine, the sky was blue and bright. I drove to Santubong slowly while the music was played on the radio. Arrived there around 17.30 pm. The place was already crowded. The entrance were closely guard by the police, equipped with dog units. There were busses and vans picking up people to and fro the Kuching cities and from the hotels nearby. I saw the Bomba and ambulance parked nearby the east gate and there were RELA units on standby too.

The volunteers got our tickets and later tied the hand band on our wrist. Finally our body was scanned with hand scanner and the bags were asked to be open for further checking. I felt like i was going to attend an extravagaza event in Hollywood where all the VVIPS would be there. But somehow i felt like i was at the air port too 🙂 It was so grand! So many tourists and ‘Mat and Miss Salleh’ If Mathew were to be here, i’m sure he’d love it! Some of the ladies visitor were wearing only Bra!!!! And that’s not it, it seemed like their breast wanted to see the sky because the bra was so small and their breast were papaya like and aiming upward… hahaha..

We bought about 10 cans of drinks, a packet of nasi goreng and bi hun goreng each and some jambut air, got ourselves a ”by the river, in-front of the big white screen” sitting place. I was so confortable that i did not move until a few shows then realized that it was already 23.00pm. So we went off around that time and i reached home around midnight.. So tired that after a short hot shower, i went to bed and sleep…



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RWMF 2008 Sotiredme

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  • 1. saran79  |  July 14, 2008 at 10:58 pm…super funny comment…lar hahaha


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