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Yesterday I slept very de early, I didn’t know why I felt so tired. I reached home from work around 6.30pm, took my bath and had my dinner and it was around 7.15pm already. Lay down infront of the TV set and my ship just departed from the dockyard just like that, of course together with 1 to 2 horns of loud piggy snores.. I sailed to the dreamland without saying good bye to my nephew and my neice.. ZZZZZzzzz My ship arrived at the dreamland arround 00.15 midnight and i get off from my ship, wondering which harbour i was at.. Looked like the Pearl Harbour i guess, so I went off to the mainland, towards the bank to do some business. Hmmm, Mr Johny, the banker was so polite and kind so the transactions end so quickly that i didn’t have chance to say Thank you. I went out from the bank and the weather looks so gloomy and dark.. On my way back, i saw a someone whom i ever slept with.. O! O! …. my scandal! How did she find out that i was here? I saw the way she walked so gracefully and she was wearing a necklace with a small bell. Well, i know that she saw me already.. ahh, waht the heck, i won’t hide anymore so i called her name.. Pithui!! to my surprised, she ran away quickly.. Hmmm some cat!
So I went abroad, continue my journey towards a place call ‘Another Day’ where i just asked the Lord to guide me in all my ways…


Entry filed under: My Memory Lane.

Another Day… Summer Time

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