Always Be Thankful

July 20, 2008 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

Today is Sunday, and to me Sunday means CHURCH! Since i go to church once a week, the 2 hours are really precious, i may say that it could’t be replaced with money or foods. Briefly, i alwasy really looking forward to Sundays!

So, during the worship time, the 2nd song really striked me deep into my heart. It is the song telling myself of my confidence and my trust in God on my future ahead, the future which i never knew how it looks like, bad? Good? It is not for me to think about at the moment but i know that Jesus plan is so different compare to mine but it end up that my life gets more blessings from Him. Its amazing that the blessings will alwasy overflow untill I need to pass it on to others…

I was playing the keyboard but suddenly i realized that i cried, the tears drop from my eyes, knowing that i just need to rely on Him.. I just want to dance and rejoice in Him alone.. Here’s the song that touched my heart, enjoy it!

Yes, i’m in the midst if waiting for something BIG, i share it next time since it’s quite late now, today is Sunday, and it is the Lord’s day.. Hallelujah!


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