Good or Wise ?

July 21, 2008 at 9:27 pm Leave a comment

In the book of Luke 10:33 we were told of a story about the Samaritan whom helped someone.. I couldn’t remember more about the details but that story has been told over and over again all this while and the title Good Samaritan will be given to a person who do good to a group of people, helped others and so on. But i wonder do we have to be like this good samaritan in today’s world of uncertainty? Or should we be more wise in our decision making?

Let say that a lady is driving with a girl friend in a dark straight road but suddenly there is a car stopped by at the side of the road and a men waving hand requested for help… What should she do? AS for myself, this morning i wanted to be that Samaritan by stopping in the middle of the slippery road (it was raining) to give way to a car coming from the otherside to turn right, but that car did not move a centimeter and i was annoyed.. But when i looked thru my rear mirror, i saw a big blue bus was slided nearly into the drain and only God knows what happen at the back of the bus.. Oh My gawd.. instead of trying to do good, something bad happened. The weather and the vision was bad and that was where the vehicles behind me did not managed to do a slow down but instead it was a sudden brake so chain reactions happened…

So these are 2 examples that i can give whether we need to be good samaritan where we help others without thinking of what happened or the consequences which one might regreat or otherwise or to be wise which is to consider every factor there is without compromising all the positives deeds as a good samaritan in todays generations..


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