I want to believe

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Today i took another half day leave just to watch my favourite story the X-file at the Star cineplex. It’s not hard to imagine how time flies, when you realize that one of your best loved television series of all time had already ended its run, and you reminisce the times back when one of your weekend nights revolved around sitting on the floor with your university mates, all glued to what Chris Carter had prepared as adventures for the two best known FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. I really admire the producer, the script writer and the director of this series where they were able to play with people’s mind and sometimes faith. Whether there ewere any conspiracy made and hide by the government, the actor and actress managed to bring the plot alive. I first came to know this series when i was in 1st year matriculation in 1994-95. But at that time, i was not able to watch it due to the night ‘Prep’ session at the classroom everyday, excepts on weekends. Oh yah, i was living in the boarding school and TV only allow on weekends and optional, after night ‘prep’…

Gorgeous them... 🙂

Anyway, to cut it short, the x-files bacame one of my favourite series drama/movie. I was introduced th the world of aliens, ufos, washington, the hoover dam, kenedy, roosevelt, area 51 and lots more.

BUT… i was so surprised that the  ‘I want to believe’ which was the new released was so unexpectedly boring, non described the x-files, lame, dull and non horror at all. To me it was as if Chris Carter is lacking of ideas and want the x-files to close case permenantly. I was very very disapointed eventhough i did not put my very high expectations before it was shown and what if i did? IW2B is just like other common movie where my favourite ator Harisson Ford combine with Julia Robert can replace both muilder and Scully and IW2B just be IW2B and not to be classified under x-files series, because it was such a humiliation to the X-Files..

Well, it was only my favourite but not my genre…


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