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Sent Mom and Andy to airport around 9.00am, then sent Sister Doili and his kids back to their home. I went to Kota samarahan to check on the swimming pool there. Hmm sadly it is closed for 10 days to be used by the army for their training. Drove back to town after bought some local keropok sold by the org kampung by the road side. It was quite a hot day i guessed, so i stopped by at tabuan jaya area for my lunch,, emm, i had another bowl of delicious LAKSA and a can of SHANDY… hahaha.. I laugh at myself….

 After arrived at home, i want to do the laundry but i didn’t know which switch to press.. ‘duh!!!’ then i did some cleaning outside the kitchen and at the car porch and feed my Pithi too and then what else..?? Ofcourse, into my bath tub and soak myself there for about an hour. IT was so refreshing. After that, took Pithui into the house, switch on my bed room aircond and ZZZZZZZZZ. I din’t know where dad was.. But when i woke up around 5.00pm, he was already in the Kitchen.

Around 6.00pm i went out for dinner before attending the Greenian concert at the Dewan Suarah with my friend. The concert was a good one. The hall was pack and the band was very entertaining. There were to 2 musici group that night, one is the school marching cum orchestra band and another one is the Chinese Musical group and they were both great but the marching band was better in term of music, tempo and skills. But again they were both fantastic. But some of the students were not sporting at all. Very noisy and a lot of unncessary screaming too. Anyway, no need to comment about that. Students = No descipline = Their parents. Went back early, didn’t feel good, my head was so dizzy while my throat started to sore. Hmm, it must be due to the laksa which i had yesterday and also during lunch today.. No wonder they said tht laksa is a silent killer… it is bad for your heart due to the bad fat!  


When i reached home, i saw Ezra my nephew was there in the TV room accompany my dad watching TV or is it dad is accompanying Ezra watching, cartoon, yea right, dad was watching cartoon, the sponge bob with little Ezra.. Me? off to bed. I cant wait to go to church tomorrow..

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