Who did it?

August 5, 2008 at 6:35 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday when I returned home, the first thing that was popping in my mind was the laundry. How on earth I’m going to settle the unwashed cloth. Maybe I’ll do manual washing which is by soaking the clothes into a pail full with water, put some liquid detergent and leave it there for a night and tomorrow morning, just hang the cloth under the sun, hopefully the weather would be fine and ‘walah’, i have my clean underwear already! So i desperately asked my dad;

Me: How’s the laundry? Were they washed?
Dad: OF course, they are overthere, dry already..
Me: Is it? Who washed it? How?
Dad: Hmm, your 5 years old niece, Megan did everything. She just press the buttons on the washer machine, pour detergent on the small compartment and close the cover and wait until the machine stop, done, just like that.

I know Megan always follow my mom doing chores after she came back from her kindy but i didn’t know that she could learnt so fast 🙂 Well done, Megan. Seems like i need to get some basic trainning from her 🙂

Here’s Megan, tired after house chores.. hahaha..


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