Wedding in Summer ’07

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So it was the first wedding where a man and a man chose to live together as a husband and husband (kind of wierd at first) and it is their choice to be in the community where the environment do accept that kind of relationship, so they are lucky then. But in my country , it was and is a total NO. My family and I myself do not support this but things may change according to times and situations and we need to learn to adapt ourselves to this kind of relationship that evantually will absorp to every part of the world. To respects each other and to accept who they really are is a good start.

AS we arrrived at the Brussels city Hall, it was already 10.30am, it was summer at that time and the weather was trully sporting. The relatives and close friends were already there with the wed couple. And while waiting for the wedding service for another couple to end, we were asked to go to the 1st floor and que up outside the main room where the service would be held.

The wed couple, the parents and the relatives followed  by the invited guests. As they  march into the main room, the wedding march was played and it was really a wedding ceremony. Grand and european style. So the kings sat infront of the judge and the mayor before the exchange of vows is made. Look at Mathew, he was still holding the bag like a lawyer..

I couldn’t remember what was the language used during the ceremony, was it french? correct me if i’m wrong, Matt, because i hardly understood what the mayor said but i was happy that it went on smoothly. Sad that your parents didn’t have the chance to see all of these!

The exchange of vowes were made whereby you and Philip exchange rings and the signature of marriage certificates and finally the kissing part where i was not able to snap pics due to some technical breakdown on my camera at that second.. huk huk huk.. 🙂

As she concluded that Mathew and Philip was legally husband and husband, everyone clap hands and the room was filled with shouts of joys and laughter. The words of wisdom came from everyone, congratulating the couple as they march going out from the room to the ground floor and accompnied by the music march from the well prepared audio system. I can see how relief Mathew was after all the sweat and preparations that he need to face and i know he has friends that he can rely on, like June, Thanks so much June for helping my friend, Matt.

When they reach the patio, few steps before the ground floor, they kissed again, yes, now infront of the whole world, telling them that they were meant for each other and nothing can stop them from loving each other.

After this, everyone were invited to attend a party at their home, it was a tiring day indeed. In the evening, there’s another dinner at the nearby restaurent for the family members including me. I did take photos and will share it some other days. Frankly, i did enjoy my 3 days stay in Belgium. I learnt about their culture, behaviour, eat their foods and drinks, see how they live in a mix community, the weather and climate was totally different what else to say about their language.

The pic below was taken on the next day by Filip before they sent me to the airport. I think this place was nearby the Belgium Royal Palace and it was so beautiful.

So Matt, this is for you, though it is a short story of your wedding, i hope that you like it, I know that one fine day, our children will read this blog and they will find out how far we have travel to seek each and individual interests, they will be surprise on how daring we were to face uncertainties of lifes and not knowing what lies ahead and they will be proud of us because we were willing to face the challanges.

Congratulations to you and FIlip on your 1st year anniversary!


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