Syabas Sis!

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Yesterday I took another day leave. But this time the 1 day leave was so precious to me. I went out from home around 9.30am knowing that the Maybank will only operate most probably after 10.00am. Yes, I managed to settle 2 things there. First was my ASB Reloan which i took most of my time by signing few pages of MOU between me and the bank, the selling back of my old share and the second thing was my MNI insurance payment thru autodebit from my Maybank account which i need to follow up at the MNI main branch nearby the Maybank. 45 minutes later, i drove to MNI office.Though it’s near, i still drive because it was situated up on the hill, opposite the famous Hilton Hotel. I managed to settled my pending issue there and around 30minutes later, i walked across towards ”The Petal”, on the ground floor of the Hilton Hotel, to buy flowers for my sister ivy due to her graduation day that afternoon. ASking for some oppinion from the ladies working there, they all recommended me to buy a bouque of rosses but to me, red rosses are very common so the supervisor recommended me to buy the yellow lily which i finally agree without questions. They did the cutting, flower arrangment + a card, trim the leaves and using few pisces of good quality wrapping paper to dress the flower and 30 minutes later, i’m on my way back home to fetch my parents out for lunch at the famous ba-kuteh ad mile 2. Andy and Doli joint us later after picking up Megan at the Kindy. We all finished lunch around 12.20 and the rest went back home while dad, Megan and I went to picked Ezra at his school.Reached home around 1.00PM. Evelyn, Andy’s girl friend was there too. Infact all of us took our day leave just to attend the UNIMAS convocations. Everyone were already prepared and i did some packing, brought a small towel, my SLR CANON camera, my sun glass and a bottle of water. Recieved SMS from Ivy saying that the whole family was already there and she is in the main hall already. 

Arrived in Unimas around 1.45pm, immediately went into one of the hall where the visitors can watch the big screen showing what happened inside the main hall. The room was dark and cold and i was satisfied because we were able to witness our sister receiving her bachelor degree sroll from the pro-chancellor. The ceremony ended around 4.30PM and we were all happy and so proud of my sister. Andy and I took pictures since we both have the camera. After the pics taking, the whole family went to the open air cafe for some drinks and ‘Lok-Lok’. Around 6.00pm we went back home. I managed to have a hot tub bathe because my body at that time was so tired and weak and as for me, i have the music ministry meeting around 7.30-10.00pm. It was surely a long day but i have no complain about it. I’m satisfied!

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