What’s the matter with me?

August 21, 2008 at 9:42 pm Leave a comment

It started last night. All my body shaking as if I was possesed by a bad spirit. Usually before I sleep, I will drink a glass of hot tea and it helps me to sleep peacefully until the next day. Sometimes I drink a glass of red wine and it function the same, even better.

So what’s wrong with me for the last 24 hours? I nearly urinate on my king size bed. It was around 4.00am where i was awoken due to i wet my sarong and i did managed to hold that particular muscle until i reach the bath room. Gawd, help me! So i continue back my sleep, Thank God, the bed was not wet at all, so i took of my little bit wet sarong and yes i was nude on the bed, in the dark, covering myself with a thick soft blanket in the cold aircond room, set temperature was 22 deg. celcius. Around 6.20am, my alarm clock triggered but unconciously, i off it. Believe me, that was the first time i didn’t wake up on the alarm. Nearly 7.00am the ‘manual alarm’ knocking my bedroom door, mom was screaming outside asking me to wake up. Oh no, i’m going to be late, i whispered to myself, but my heart was not well, but i’m not sick! I have no fever either… Gosh.. i quickly took my hot shower while singing a worship song to my sweet Jesus, then got ready for breakfast and around 7.15am, i’m off to work.

Phew, i arrived on time, not to early neither that late, skipped 7.30am meeting. I sat on my table and quickly reply an e-mail to a colleague to confirm my lunch with him later on. But deep deep in my heart, i feel like i want to go HOME! I feel that something is not right, even when i took my breakfast, the hot kueh tiau doesn’t taste that delicious at all and the hot soya bean was so plain. But as usual, everything was all in the stomach regardless the taste.

Then work. I couldn’t concentrate on my daily tasks, neither during the meeting, i was restless, i feel like i want to go home! Do i want to take a half day leave? No no, not today because i take my half day leave tomorrow. Need i go home now? I still feel unconfortable!

Let me think again, was it the food that i took? Or maybe is it due to my coming birthday? Is it because of the Najib’s wife’s botox that caught my attention lately? Or is it the Badawi’s stupidity? Or is it the case where the Malaysian flag was hang up side down? Or should they hang Badawi’s face up side down? Or is it due to the feul price is going down? Or is it due to the Bolos game show by Zizan (now it’s my family favourite prime time show)? Hmm.. I guess the answer is none of those above.. but i think ”Bolos game show” did make a spike to my blood pressure.. Ok, let me think deeply this time…

Ok lah, i HAVE to and I WANT to admit! It’s all because of the New 32” LCD Sony thin screen TV that we have and i want to watch TV now!!


New in the family

New in the family


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