I’m 32 Years Young

August 30, 2008 at 11:10 pm 2 comments

So the birthday party was amazingly great. The weather from the morning till the afternoon was so supportive. It was freezing rain in the morning and the cleaning would only start after lunch when school time is over. I picked up Megan at the Kindy around 10:50am, yes, i drove there early to do some arrangement to borrow 30 plastics chairs from the parish. Around 2:00pm my nephews arrived and I had a great time to clean the house, Inside and outside with them! Observe our neatly arranged sony thin screen and also the sony home theater. So the cleaning was done until 5:oopm and as for me, i need to go out and buy a hard core stainless steel fan because the guests will be having dinner buffet style, outside of the house due to the arrangment made earlier and also to maximized the area usage so that people wouldn’t cramped themselves at only 1 spot instead they have many options on where to minggled around and chat with friends. Yes, we have the guests living room area where the praise and worship was held, a beautiful guests dinning room where people sat and counselled each other , and we have an open space library where parents with little kids sat and read books quitely while the parents concentrate with the other thing. These children can lay down on the soft carpet too while listening to  by pastor Henry, and we have a family living room where we can watch movie on our sony flatscreen and not forgetting the awsome bar where they can sip some Australian made red wine and yes, we have good 3 toilet which can faciltate the desperate one. Enough said, the 1st guests arrived was around 7.00pm and they were our close family friends, memet, pancho and the mom and later the other 82 followed later.  Yes, there were about 85 people in the house at 1 time. To us, it was a big number and it was a blessings to my family to have a fellowship with the Christians, worship God with the humbel hearts, praise Him and magnify HIS holy name in sincerety in each ones heart is a must regardless denominations. The MC for that night was Korno and we were led by Cecelia during  the Praise and Worship and all of the song were requested by me. The songs selected were, S’gala Puji Syukur, Hari Ini Ku Rasa Bahagia and Bersyukur and Give thanks were for worship. I played the piano as usual. So after the 15 minutes of songs of praise and worship Ps Henry share the Word of God for about 15 minutes, then continue with the house blessing where Ps Patrick prayed and blessed the whole family and then proceed with the birthday celebrations and buffet dinner. From the picture on the right, you can see my sister’s IVy’s convocations framed picture. As Ps. Henry share the Word of God, dad was sitting on his left side while i was sitting infront of the piano I (i wore the t-shirt which i bought in Berlin, Germany), while Nevin my nephew took this picture. I think everone enjoy that night since we have good preacher, delicious drinks and foods, nice spacious environment, cool ambience, great red wine, different people with interesting conversations, sufficient time, good mood. AS for me my life after this will be more adventerous since i have laready met the other side of me. I will introduce her into this blog soon but at the moment, let it be a ‘looking forward’ to reading my blog tomorrow and also the day after tomorow. I am blessed, so blessed on my 32 birthday which i celebrated it with my family, best friends and my church members. I don’t know how to describe my feelings on that day but i’m greatful that i was given a chance to live another year, and i know it is the grace of God, i want to appreciate this life more and never take it for granted, i had lose some good friends like the late Ps Esther, whom with Jesus right now, where she died at her young age due to cancer. But the most important thing here is that i have the heart and the will to change and to prosper. I admit that it’s difficult to forget the pass, especially the memory with the loved ones or should i not to forget it but instead bring the memory with me to the future then, I;m not talking nonsence here because i really do not want to erase the good memory i ever had, the memory of being a head prefect in my priamery school 1988, receiving prizes from Sarawak Foundations, given by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, and also the Dayak Bidayuh National Assoiciations for getting good grade in SRP – 1991, enter university and meet lots of new friends – 1994-1999, and there are lots more which i want to write here in my blog, just the matter of time, because i want my family and my own children to know how interesting my life was and this blog is the evidence of my words where everything would be expressed and told! This blog would be a living blog where i’d be updating events by events so that the memory shall remains even after i meet with my creator. I will surely be stop bloging when the time arrived but as for now, It would be a transparent blog. It would be an honest blog, pure and original from my heart. It would be trully the memories of my youth… Happy 32nd Birthday Abet!

Me & Cousin Emma


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Happy Birthday to me. Happy National Day Sarawak!

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  • 1. saran79  |  September 1, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Hey..happy birthday..

    David..my dearest good friend..who is she…tell me lar…Wo..hoo..that’s great and please introduce me to her..k…pleaseeee….tell me…

  • 2. David  |  September 1, 2008 at 3:02 am

    The time will come, sabar jak 🙂


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