A new start?

September 1, 2008 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday, around 4.30pm, i went for a 2.6 km jogging followed by another 2.6km walking and photograph taking at the reserved garden in Tabuan Jaya. Truthfully, it was so hard to carry a weight of 120kg and run that distance. But yes, i managed. I ran slowly and i managed to reach the end point. I think it was a good start and i should carry it on until i reduce some of the stubbonr fat! I’ll target the amount, need to think about it because most people say i look horibble without the fat.. Hmmm, i wonde how true is that? Or it’s just a word of soothing??

Around 7.30pm i had a P&W meeting in church and it was raining quite heavily. I felt so tired after the first jog and that’s why i couldn’t concentrate to much on waht Korno said infront of us all!! I was really looking forwards towards my bed!! The meeting over around 10:15pm, drove back quickly and sleep… BUT around 12:15am, on the nexr day, ya early morning, my phone rang twice. At first i thought it was from kilang, but was wrong, it was from my junior, Jethro, asking me to go out and meet our old frienfs Emilia whom just came back from Kedah for a week vacations. We stop by at the Dennis wine and finished a bottle of Australian 2005 red wine and continue our ‘lepak’ at the corner shop in Padungan. A lot of sharings and story tellings and updating each other as usual.. Went back around 3am, i felt soooooooo tired but that i took a hot water shower and then sleep like a baby. h

Today i woke up quite late, around 10.30am, but always wanted to sleep due to the fatiguness after the jogging.. After shower, i slept again until 1:30pm to eat my lunch. Sleep again until 4pm, went out with parents to the Boulevard to get some house stuffs. Later, we went to the Green Height mall to buy more stuffs.. hehehe . Hmm Attention to all, the COffee been and the leaf tea is open now at that mall. After that we went to Stella’s house, one of our closet family friend to have a chat and also a cup of coffee. Around 7.00pm we went stragiht home. I really plan to sleep early tonight for romorrow will be a long working day.. No more long holidays…

Oklah, i’m starting to see some sheeps jumping over a fence.. i need to count them i guess…


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Happy National Day Sarawak! Stella

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