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Today was my Monday blues, really didn’t have the mood to work yet after a few days break. The line was still slow but the tools were restless. As usual, i guess. For the Muslim, it was thier 2nd day to fast and i’d like to join them fasting too to overcome my obesitiy. My BMI is really at the upper spec limit. BMI or Body mass index is the tool to identify whether you are slim, ok or NOT OK. By calculations, it is the mass (kg) over the heightx height (m2). The best BMI index for me is around 25. So to achieve that figure, i have to be somewhere 80 to 85 kg since my height is 1.75m. Unless my height is 2.15m with my current weight, horayyyy !! I don’t have to do anything. But i’d be the tallest human being in the universe. Hmmmm… After work i drove immediately to the Tabuan Jaya park to jog. While on my way, my mom called telling me that they are on their way to visit Stella.

After a kilometer run (not bad for another starter after last Sunday), i drove to the TJ Hospital joining my family to visist our dearly family friend, Stella. She went for an operation this morning around 9am to remove the unwanted tissues in her ovary. My sister Dolina had the same operation few years ago where the excessive tissues prevented her from having children because the fallopian tube was blocked. So after removing that tissues and a little word of blessings from my parents (ya, i still remember mom and dad prayed for her in the hospital after th operation), the next thing that we know, we have Ezra and Megan in our lives.. Thank you Jesus! So Stella, you don’t worry, just get well as soon that you can 🙂

After that, around 7pm mom, dad Andy and I wen for a dinner at the nearby restaurent, cheap but deliciously done. Went home around 8:00pm, i took my shower, read the news paper while watching the prime time news.. Hmmm, there’s cheap flight to Brisbane, Australia…. thinking of flying there now…


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A new start? As i could remember…

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