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Tomorrow is Thursday and I’m thinkking of taking some more leave on Friday… Maybe next week.. I’m still in my birthday mood.. Wah, so long, kan? Well, as for me , that particular day was so different compare to the previous years I’ve been celebrating it. This years’ celebration was more meaningful and most memorable to me. Only i myself know why.. hehehe.. Ok. let me recall back the birthdays i’ve ever celebrate and i can remember..I do remember my 1st year birthday (wow) from a picture which was taken by someone whom i don’t know, i was a baby at that time, innocent, naive, cute and so fragile. Emm, godness me, i could not remember the rest.. Oh, there’s one time i celebrated my 23rd bday with my church youth when i was selected to become the President of the BM Youth Ministry , it was just after i graduated and came back home. But that was in a small scale. I couldn not remember what happen on the 24th birthday but on the 25th birthday, i brought parents, do and husband, Korno and wife and Sam and Dr. Margaret for a dinner at the Benson Sea Food Restaurent. Had a great time that night and i got a white cheetah t-shirt too 🙂 

On my 26th, i brought the whole family to the restaurent at the 3rd mile. That place was introduce by Michael Lim. Yeah, we enjoyed the pork leg there but now a days, it is rare. Oh ya, the dinner was fully paid by my sister Dolina. Thanks sis:)  On my 27th, i celebrate it alone with my parents. But i bought a big chocolate cake just to indulged myself. Hahaha….When i was 30th, i was working at night shift and didn’t manage to celebrate it with my family and on the 31st, i celebrate it at the Hospital, yes, i was hospitalized due to the gallstone. So, no wonder this year’s celebration was a memorable one.. kan ???


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