Tuesday Moody Still

September 9, 2008 at 10:20 pm Leave a comment

Woke up quite early today, i dreamt a beautiful dream, but i forgot what it was about but i know i had a good dream last night… hehehe.. Went to work around 7.ooam after a cup of hot coffee and reading few pages from the news paper.. thank you mom for never failing to serve me every morning 🙂 I love  you!!! As usual, ERA radio channel was on, with Apek and his spontanious jokes seems to make my everyday journey to the company so short! Within minutes, i was already in the office..

This morning, the meeting was quite short too and also relaxing due to the big bos was on a half day leave. I was the happiest employee in the world. Just for a few hourlah.. 🙂 During lunch, my sweet little sister Rabecca called from Miri to say hi, we chatted quite long, as if we never talk in months or years.. hehehe, my lil sis always have a lot of things to share and to tell and she’s so talkative which made her so special to me and to my family. Below is her picture with her husband, taken during the reception dinner on her wedding day at the Imperial Hotel Restaurent.

Since i don’t have litle brother nor sister, i’m glad that she’s willing to be part of our family members.

Woi, Becca, jaga kesihatan baik baik, kalau bagus ada lebih 10 orang anak lagi bagus, boleh bagi aku satu 🙂 Kirim salam sama, bapa and mama di Miri. K, lah, nak tido.. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Good night all!

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Monday moody Everyone.. Happy Weekends!!!

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