Weekends Chores

September 13, 2008 at 11:49 pm Leave a comment

I started my weekend yesterday right after work, playing badminton with friend on Friday evening to perspire and to lose some volunteer fat. But in an hour later, we were already at the open air food stall filling ourselves with drinks.. hahaha.. The same night, we went to visit the china town at the Carpenter Street. Wow, it was splendid! So many people and so many events. There were bands, poco-poco dance, some kung fu, foods and drinks, singing competition, a RM1 hair cut and lotsmore, since it’s the mooncake festivals. I saw so many camera men carrying their SLR digital camera with support flash! Huhu.. i envy them, i must have that suport flash to be use at night time. Yeah, the original canon flash cost RM1144 while the 2nd source SunPak for Canon cost around RM799.00. hmm it’s a must get!

I Woke up early this morning, family original plan was to go to Sarikin but it was cancelled due to the ‘bad weather’ over that side.. ahacks! So went to 7th mile instead. Buddy called telling me about his wedding plan, I’m looking forward to it. 12 Oct 2009, don;t forget that date! Important!
I’m now trying to finish watching the West Wing Season 6, DVD of course. Not wathing it on the local TV channel due to so much of sensoring due to some sensitives matter. West wing is about the US government daily life story at the White House. The way they make the whole story is so interesting and lively with the profesional actor and actress makes the movie so real.. Season 6 started where the US try to become the medium between the Israel nations and the homeless Palestinites. whom want to go back to Israel and no more being a fugitive in they so called own country. Biblically, to me, it will never happen until the 2nd coming of Christ! Read the bible and understand it, dear mr us president!

Can’t wait to finish this season bacause i just bought the whole Season 7, and it’s on the book shelves, still wrapped 🙂
Oh, besides that, i have a new toy, though its not new in the market or to the whole world, its new to me.. I introduce my Slim black PSP with 5 games installed. I’m playing the transformers and the Simpson.. those are the basics games for a begginer like me.. hahaha .. Life is fun but short, kan? So get whatever gadgets that you want and ammuse yourself with it! Care less on what people say and smile always. Wah, it’s kind a late now, can’t wait for church tomorrow… Oh, i got the camera flash already.. 🙂 Just bought it! 🙂
Good night!


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Everyone.. Happy Weekends!!! PUSH

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