16 September 2008

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Yesterday my family friend, Roy came to Kuching for his 1day ‘business trip’. He stayed overnight here and i had a good time with him too. He’s from Sibu and when the Sibuan come to Kuching, the topic would always that Kuching is already having bad traffic jam, huge shopping heaven, beautiful waterfront and high rise buildings and as for me a local, i do agree with him but i favour and i always dream of the old Kuching,when it was 10 -115 years back, where we can see more greenaries, more woods, less vehicles and no traffic jam. But what to do? .. it’s what we call development right? But i totally disagree on how our MBKS or the Kuching South City Counsel plan Kuching. By referring to the Merdeka Platza, i think the planning s totally out! It’s rubbish! I just hope that they don’t touch the old side of Kuching, just let the original sceneary decorate it self because when they are undisturb, they are always at its best positions! Original and fantastic.

Today i took a half day leave, because i need to send Roy to the bus station after lunch. I brought parents too and also Megan. We had lunch at the Grandma’s Kitchen Restaurent. Emmm, the ‘bah-kut-teh” was so delicious. If im not mistaken, i ate 3 bowl of rice.. hahaha.. After sending Roy to the bus station where he managed to get the 1 o’clock pm ride abck to Sibu, we directly go to the Imegression department to do my parents pasport. Early of next months, they are going to Singapore for a fun trip. My parents deserve this, for being the best parents in the whole universe…



Next trip could be Melbourne Australia, i guess, cheap fare by MAS was just being announced on TV. I want to make my survey first, well, if i do really have the budget why not? In fact, New Zealand is the most looking forward to visiting. Just keep my finger cross.

Actually, today is another important day for both Sarawak and Sabah where a country called Malaysia was formed! This very day, 16th September 1957, Malaysia was formed, the Union Jack flag was no longer being saluted here because we got our independent from them after few years being charged under the Btitish constitutions. But i’m really happy that they did took care of us spritually where the Christianity was being spread widely during those days. I agree with Marina’s friend that this song should be made known to the public or best, it should be made the Malaysia Formation Day! This song was sang in 1984, (when i was only 8 years old) by the late Sudirman, a well known Malaysian Singer whom sang at the Albert Hall in London right befor he died few years after that. I don’t know those ladies whom sang terribly off pitching and some lost lyrics here and there… But that’s not important since its a miming singing. The important part is the meaning of the songs in the lyrics it self. So, enjoy the song! I did!

Tanah Pusaka
Music by Ahmad Merican, Lyrics by Wan Ahamd Kamal/Dol Ramli, 1963

Sungguh gemilang negeri ku (Truly glorious is my country)
Yang ku puja oh tanah Malaysia (That I adore, oh land of Malaysia)
Di merata dunia (Throughout the world)
Harum semerbak nama mu oh Malaysia (Your fame has spread, oh Malaysia)

Aman makmur kaya raya (Peaceful, prosperous and affluent)
Selama-lama hidup maju jaya (Forever striving to march forward)
Oh tanah pusaka (Oh my motherland)
Negaraku yang berdaulat dan merdeka (My country that stands sovereign and free)

Tanah pusaka bertuah (My blessed motherland)
Berbagai bangsa di dalam nya (Home to people of all creeds)
Hidup aman dan bersama (Living together in harmony)
Bersatu kerja untuk Malaysia (Working together for Malaysia)

Musoh melanggar ku gempor (Foes that invade I shall resist)
Sungguh rela ku gugur kerana (Ever ready am I to die for)
Kau Tanah Pusaka (You my motherland)
Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata. (Far better to die, than to live in fear.)


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