My Hearts Said..

September 18, 2008 at 5:21 pm Leave a comment

I slept quite early yesterday, after i came back fromwork, Ezra and Megan were waiting for me at the fron’t door. I know that they wanted to play my PSP which i hid insinde my bedroom. Yea they are still kids and  they don’t have the instinct to control themselves or the world ‘enough’ from playing that easy- to-get-addict-kind-of-games. Study is the priority that’s why i allow them to play the PSP only when i am around.

After dinner, i watched the 8 o’clock news. Nothing new, nothing old, its all about the Malaysian politicians whom are still in the dilemma, always misinterprete what the people wants and the self ego makes them become more evelish and i’m not surprised the chaos would happen again just like the 13 of may events. I am so ashamed of my PM now until i’m very reluctant to mention his name in my humbble blog. The oppostion leader like wise let me down. i was hopping him to bring the reformations in the country on the last 16 of September 2008, but hecked, what happen here? Where is the walk? Where is the promises and finally, what about us, the Malaysians? 8.30pm, went to my bed and ZZZZZZzzzz..

The world fuel price drop until USD 0.96/ barrel but why it was controlled after some unnecessary round table to decide no more price reducing tho it still want to reduce and why were there no round table to stop the price from hiking up to USD 1.55/ barrels last time then? Enough said! Let God take over now.

This morning i woke up quite early, around 6.00am, i was so excited to go to work.. Parents got their pasport already and plan going to Australia was agreed by both of them.. Me so happy. Just need to save money starting from today.

Tonight i’m going to my church to attendd the P&W meeting to discuss about weekends activites. Sure havoc and big activity.

Klah, just to voice out things in my heart…


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16 September 2008 Another Friday 4 me to say..

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