Learning Music

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Wow, last Sunday we had a combine sesion with the students from Unitar and polytech and there were some from other higher institution also. As mentioned earlier, our Prasie and Worship group is quite strong in numbers and also in our own specialtist. Most of us went to the Music school and some even achieved Certificates in Musics. One of us even had a Bachelor Degree in Music which made all of us eligible to teach Music to the others in a correct yet not misleading manners.

Briefly, there were 7 sessions, the 1 – 3 session was held on Friday evening and the 4 – 6 sessions were held on Saturday afternoon, together with the music workshop and finally, the session 7 was held on Saturday evening. During the workshop, the participants were divided into group of interests. There were group of P&W Lead, Back Up singer, Tambourinist, Keyboardist/pianist, Bass guitarist, Main and Support Guitarists, Drummer, PA System Controller and finally the OHP keeper. So the trainners are specialist in their own lines and they really know what they are doing.

AS for my workshop, Laura was my assistant. Thank God only 3 out of nearly hundreds were interested on playing the keyboard . Normally a smaller scale is much more better for me and my assistant because we can concentrate and deliver more of our knowledges to the 3 students, Ponny, Donna and Kettie. They have no idea at all on how to read musics, notes, and they never touch or play the keyboard, basically. So personally, it was rather difficult to teach the begginer because i was hopping some experienced keyboardist whom want to learn more and upgrade their skills. But since these 3 students were so eager and keen enough to learn, i didn’t mind to share with them the basic things about music. 

So these were the list inside my basic-introductory syllabus, Music Theory, The common chords, Scale in C/G/D Major, fingerings, ‘Hands On’ ,  a sample of songs and finally, before we end the session, i brought them to sing a song they request. I can see that they were so happy and they admit that they learnt so many things, infact new things and they said that Music does involve Mathematics.. I couldn’t agree more! To think back, that’s why my Mathematics grad was good since my school days 🙂

We finished with a word of prayer.


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