St. David

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Yesterday I spent most of my time at St. David in Kpg Bumbog. The St. Faith Praise and Worship ministry was invited to hold a seminar regarding the P&W, just what we had a week earlier for the uni students.I was so excited eventhough teaching people about music is something and about P&W is another thing and we have to combine musics and P&W to meet our objectives because Anglican Society is famous with its traditional ways of worshiping and praise. They prefer it with a non musical instruments which means no musicians, choir is suffic! Even the main cathederal in Kuching made it a taboo to bring guitar nor drums inside the church.. Well, men made rules are not going to be lasts.. Because Jesus Rules!
So i woke up around 6.30 am that Saturday. play with Pithui for a while before i took my hot shower, packing my gadgets had my hot coffee together with mom. She was trying to cook me something but i told her that i’d having my meals at the church. I arrived at our muster point arond 8.15am, after a plate of pok mi with Ezekiel. Every body were already there and around 8.30 am, we convoyed to St. David, which is situated less then 10 minutes drive from our muster point. When we arrived, i saw so many participants, young and old, they were enthusiast to join the seminar. The opening pryer was done by the priest incharge and the p&w was lead by the mix group of St. James Parishes.
So, the introductory was done by Korno and Clane assisted him to do the correct way of siniging techic and vocal enhancment,. So in the morning, the participants were taught about music, about praise and worship, the true offe tha pleaseses Gods hearts. We had our lunch around 12.00 pm until 13.30 pm. Our Group discussion started from 2 – 3 pm. My members consist of young and old and also a Lay Reader. They were all are very new to this P&W and they have many questions to ask regarding it. Even some of them thought tha we are entertainers in fron there which i sternly say NO, we are not enternainer, we are not clown nor magician infront there, but we lead the congregations into the Holy of Holies. Around 3.00 – 4.30pm the workshop started. I have 5 students with Laura and I and again, the all have no basics but they are so eager to know and learn about how to play keyboard. I learn from this 2 situations also where in St. Faith, everything were provided but if i am away, i need to bring my own flexible whie board, marker pen, keyboard, small fan, not book, teaching kits and Laura. At least th is 2 situations makes me realize that i need to be ready in every circumstances and not to depend on the organizers. C35So then i teach, tach and teach in a very stuffy church, pack and the heat was so strong and suffocate me a little bit. i sweat like no men’s business but their determinations to learn, energized me from unnecesa factors.
I went home aroun 6.30 pm, soak myself inside the bath tub for a half hour and drive ther back around 7.15pm to join the others for dinnner.
Around 8.30pm , the celebration night started, i had a great time playing despite the saturated heat. Everything went well and everything was perfect. The altar called and praying for the needy was the last event before the celebrations night ended. I was satisified. When home around 11.00pm and after my hot shower, i went to bed. What a day!!!!


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Enjoy your weekend bloggers! Singapura

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