Raya Day 1

October 1, 2008 at 10:26 pm Leave a comment

It’s raya  day and in the almanac, we were given 2 days holiday and guess who is the most happy boy in this whole universe? Obviously it’s me so today i planned to wake up late from my sleep but sadly an early rang from the company from Mr. John Doe really spoilt the mood and what else if the caller dialed the wrong number. I was devastated indeed. Since parents are not at home, i lay down on my soft and cozy bed and try to sleep but seems that the sheeps were endless. Tired of counting i just decide to wake up and watch TV in our ‘hotel-like’ designed TV room.

LAst night we had a thanksgiving party at Stella’s house. I went there around 8.40pm after i met Alex for his insurence talk. I ate quite a lot at Stella’s house. The pork meat were lightly marinated with some sauces and it was so juicy. The prawns were fresh and slurpy too while the wine ensured the party to be perfect!

We talk and laugh especially on our previous trip to Bangkok. The ride on the floating banana boat at the Coral Island really made everyone explode into laughter. It was so funny on how everyone of us were trying to get onto theat floating banana without falling back into the sea… Well i think it took as about 15 minutes to be on it and stabalized and finally the floating banana sailed like a mighty Titanic with only 4 tired yet joyfull Sarawakian on board!

Actually truthfully and frankly, I was and still not a good traveller. I admit that i will missed home easily and when it happened, i’ll show my tantrums and always quiet myself. I’ll feel easily tired and mentally, i’m not supportive! That is ME. The most i can stay out is only 3 days. 4 is the maximum. Make sure i’m at home on the 4th day. The only thing that can resolved this is only 2 things. First, i must hear my parents voice, means, i need to call them and say hello to them, at least its a 5 minutes talk and Secondly, i need my 9 hours sleep or at least i have enough sleep without unneccesary interuptions and if i have these two, everything will be well and ok, and i can stay out longer then, well, that is ME. What happen if i got ony one of the option? Hmm… don’t know yet… time will tell.

Since today is the 1st day of Raya, as usual, we went to our converted uncle’s house to celebrate Raya with him and his family. The lemang, pansuh, ayam masak merah and the rendang were fabulous! My aunts cook really made me went for my 3rd rounds. But i didn’t managed to taste all the cakes since everyone were so in a hurry to go to other places. Damn it, if i knew, i’d stay longer.. Well, some people never know how to talked and discuss among themselves! That’s one thing which is lacking as i can see among my family members… Well, let bygones be bygones! There’s no perfect family… I myself need to change, i guess, maybe this is a trend that come and go and i need to learnt to adapt to it, else it’s a heart breaking and a mind sinning.  I didn’t get to catch the movie too, maybe tomorrow, before i ngabang to Aisyah’s house.

I called mom and dad this morning thru Alex’s phone. Mom sounds so happy being in Singapore. They were on their way to the Zoo i guess, Dad was excited too and i hope everything goes well there. Lrd, protect them all 🙂

Oklah, i want to sleep now, i plan to go joggin first thing tomorrow, wearing my new FILA joging shoes which i just bought last week. It was engineered special for jogging. Yeah, when i wear it, i can feel the diferences especiallly at the tip of my feet. I’ll share with you all tomorrow. Place to jog? ok, the Friendship Garden! Time, 8.00am. Ok. Set!!

So, good night all!

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