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Oh how i missed my parents, they came back last Firday night flight together with Alex and her wife, and also Ian our family friend from New Zealand. Ian bought a lot of things from Singapore and one of it which really attracts my eyes is the new SLR Nikon N60 with lens 18-200mm and a handy compact camera bag. So that thing is in my room now while Ian went back to Betong with Alex and i’m so tempted to it. Arghh! forget about it, i myself have a very good SLR Canon camera EOS400 and i have 50mm and another 70~200mm lens with a better camera beg, good for a week outing 🙂 Mom bought things for the nephews and my neice. The funny thing was out of 3, 2 dresses were really quite small for Megan. I don’t know whether mom did not buy a fit size or it was Megan whom grew fatter witthin this week. We all laugh upon this matter…

Yesterday my girlfriend and i went out for a movie., We watched a horror movie entitled the Flight of the Living Dead. It’s all about zombies, hahahhaha. I don’t want to comment on the movie. It’s classy and obviolusly my genre. The 1hr 30 minutes story really makes me jump of my seats all the time. Hehehe.. Later in the evening we had dinner at the Sushi King in the Spring. Wow, that place was so crowded. Not to mentioned the noisy staffs whom tried to speak japanese and shouting some japanese words not knowing whether what they said is correct or not. To me, they were just mumbling the words and try to make some unnecessary noisy so that the customers would enjoy the Japanese kind of restaurant ambience. But why the heck was Anuar Zain song is played in the air ? I was expecting some kitaro or  maybe Chage and Aska songs. Hmmm.. maybe we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

We delighted ourselves with udon soups with some chicken but the taste doesn’t suits me at all. Even the normal sushi that i had that night was not well done. The sticky rice was not that perfect which made the rice scattered easily. It was a RM 53.oo dinner but i was not satisfied at all. To all of you out there, the pictures of food may be deceitful and the waiter and the waitress are helpless because they can’t describe how it taste and worst, it is ”nihon go”.  The only thing they said correctly was ”Arigato Gozaimashata … ” It is when you already paid for everything and you were on your way out! Personally, they don’t deserve my tips. (A box is provided for tips at the counter). We walked out disapointedly, hoping they would improve more on their services but until then, I took all the money balance with me.

This morning St Faith had a special combine service but since it started quite early so i decided to skip service but instead i joint my girlfriend at the SIB Praise Valley. It is a new church and the new comer were introduce 1 by 1. Hmmm very rarely done but yet a memorable time for me. St. Faith Should do the SAME! After the service, they had this monthly post bless. I ate my favourite rice wrapped inside the daun and it was a heavy lunch indeed! No comment on the services. It still can be imporoved.

This evening my family and i will attend a dinner organized by the church at the Crown Tower restaurant. Its an annualy dinner and i’ll share with in the blog on the events tomorrow.

To Rachel Pudun, hope you had a great time in Mongolia and keep on reading my blog overthere… Cheers!


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