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October 6, 2008 at 6:23 pm Leave a comment

Here comes Monday, after a long great weekends… I had no mood to work today, but i have to finish some of the reports which was pending since May… Yeah, the 4 months experiments for data analysis, i considered it as a success. The evaluations is a must to me so today i did the prelimenary reportbefore it is sent to the quality group. Enough of that.. Saw many friends came back after a long raya holiday… I know how they feel.. sure moody one… hahaha

Last night we went to the St. Faith Annual Dinner at the Crown Tower Restaurant. The Imperial room were fullly occupied by 72 tables, i think 75 is the maximum. Our table was 41 just nice because it is near to the toilet so mom and the rest would be very convenienced to do their business. I was quite satisfied with the foods and the services were not bad. The 10 courses were indeed sumptuos and deliciously done. The environment was steady and the performances were fantastic! I think this is the 1st time where i was totally not involved in the programme. Usually i’ll be up there but last night, i was with the congregations… I could see new faces now leading the church while the seniors now were enjoying themselves, especially me.. 🙂 I think MBM need more keyboardist!

I saw Apai and his house group members.. Didn’t manage to talk with him… unless i have Megan’s body where i can walk between tables and chairs with limited space. The dinner ended around 9.15pm, just not to early and not to late… it was just nice where all the foods that i consumed that night managed to go down into my stomach without giving me some esophagus pain.. I hate it when it happend. It disturbed my sleep.

SMS my buddy Simon asking for his wedding day detail. So it will be at St Ann mile 10,  9.00am this Saturday. while the dinner will be at his house in Merdang garden. Hmm.. what gift should i buy for them ho.. Need to ask my girl friend about this…

Oklah, its quite late now.. need to log out soon..


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Home Sweet Home Have a nice trip bro!

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