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Last night my eldest brother Igat went back to Mukah. That’s where he works. Seemed that he enjoyed life in the Palm Estate, maybe yes, maybe no.. He never share it with us. Otherwise he would be looking for jobs in Kuching . Such a quiet brothers i have. I’m sure i’m the most extrovert among the siblings. So Sri Ijah, our home is back to the ‘silent mode’, i bet for those who likes to lives in solitary would loves to stay here 🙂 .

I woke up quite early this morning, saw mom was rushing out to tha car, heading to the clinic. Monthly checking she said. Dad was driving her. I’m sure there were lots of people doing their monthly checking too and frankly, i hate hospitals and clinics. It produces some smell that my nose couldn’t accept. Maybe it is the anti-biotics add with iodine smells. Hahaha. It stinks!

I pray that mom is doing fine and she’s in her top conditions and she does not need to bring those medicine back home. The blood pressure is ok and sugar level is low and what ever parameters there are, they are all within control limit, in Jesus name i pray! Amen!

During lunch time, Becca called from Miri. She sound so sad, desperate and helpless. After she shared everything to me, i felt sad and helpless pulak. But i need to be strong for her and i encouraged her to be strong and put her trust in God for what had happened, everything is still under God’s control. Of course there is black magic spirit around us and the devils use it to attack us and to weaken our tiny faith to slide away from God. What else if that person is a pastor or church leader, they are solely the target of this disgraceful creature!

I want to ask my parents also regarding this because my mind always think of a bottle which was wrapped with a sarong cloth and it was always in my mind because i used to see it hanging in my parents room, last time in batu kawa and also when we were living in camp lanang. I wonder that thing belongs to who? Since we don’t keep that thing anymore, where is it? was it being disposed in a correct way?

Anyway, i surrender all to Jesus because He is our protector, healer and creator. Last 2 weeks during worship time in church, I admit that i cried, i felt it is easier to feel and expereince His presence, when you understand Him, when you know Him personally and when you humble yourself before Him. It was a wonderful moment, indeed!

To Becca and my Family members, here’s what God wants to tell us all;

Psalm 46:19  

‘Be Still  and Know that I AM GOD’


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