Are you insured?

October 8, 2008 at 11:07 pm Leave a comment

Last night I decided to buy a life insurance from my sister. I realized how important insurance is especially once is getting old and older. Insurance will provide the cash that we need to pay the bills when the times come. That means, buying an insurance is to ensure that you are not going to make other people suffer because of your inability to handle your life due to some sickness because the insurance will cover you thru the process until the end.

My 1st insurance which i bought in year 2000 was not a life insurance.I have to pay RM204.00 per month and it is to ensure that i am compensate with money if anything would happen to me anywhere and anytime too bad it only valid until i reached 55 years old where i’ll received the bonus prepared for me. So this 2nd insurance where i’m paying around RM250 per month is an insurance that will support my hospitalizations, 36 kind of illness and death. I don’t know how to explain in detail but i really encourage everyone of us to at least get one insurance for your future sake. You can contact my sister Dolina, she’s a professional Insurance agent and she is willing to give you guidance and advice regarding which insurance that fits you. I was sad that my parents didn’t buy themselves insurance when they were young but i couldn’t put the blame on them either because they were knowledgeless and most of ther money were spent on their children’s study fees, loans and so on. So now it is Ivy, Terry, Dolina, Andy and my responsibilities to pay back our debts to them, by taking care of them especially when they got sick or need medicines and any money support that they need regardless time. May God curse anyone whom fail to do so for being ungrateful and disrespect their parents!

 Today i’m quite busy with work. I’m still thinking on what to buy for my best friend’s wedding or i should just give in cash. Maybe later i want to go to Hopoh to buy some new shirts. It has been a while i didn’t go and shop for shirts, proper attire ffor the wedding and also for church too. Having this kind of big body is rather difficult to find the right size and i tend to be helpless and moody because non suits on me. ANyway, i’m still thinking of what to wear in the morning and the evening. Ok, the scenario is like this, In the moring, around 9am, the church might be small and i might be unconfortable because it would not having aircondition nor fan.. So i must be wearing smart, not to over do, short hair, hmm, i need to get myself a rayban (again??!!), my loyal sandle, should i bring my SLR canon?, maybe not.. on the 2nd thought, maybe yes.. i just need to bring extra clothing to be exchange if i got wet sweat…At night i just wear my simple t-shirt and my jeans because i  predict it would be crowded at that time. Well, let’s go shopping this Friday.. tomorrow? perhaps…

Oh, i sudenly realize that my counter already reach 10,000 visitors.. Hehehe.. I don’t know whether its me whom always press the back button and refresh refresh refresh so that the count increase and achieve the 10k as of today, otherwise, thanks to the visitors again.. 🙂

Yon just left, around 10pm, he brought this Ipsium car for me to test drive.. Interested? YES! I’m very interested to own the car and i can wait to have it… hahaha. I told everyone at home that it will be my wedding car soon. Well, no one says anything, means either they really have no comment because i’m mature enough to do my own decision or they just don’t bother because i have the capability to plan things or they just care less because i have the money to get what i want… hmmmmm… don’t you think life is interesting?


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Have a nice trip bro! Annual Leave tomorrow

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