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Hmmm, what a hot night. It’s good that we have aircond in every rooms. My aircond is already on while Ezra is already sleeping on the right side of my bed. He plan to sleep here tonight so that he can wake up late and join us for the wedding at St. Anne tomorrow. Hmmm, he was so excited I guess, tonight he seemed tired; maybe the long walk at the Spring tires him J

This morning I managed to wake up according to plan, after a hot shower I drove to the Kenyalang Post office with an empty wallet and an expired driving license, knowing that today I would withdraw the Car Petrol rebate RM625, and immediately spend it according to the plan. After getting the money in my hand and of course, the wallet is now full; I renewed my Driving license, about RM 25. Finally I drove without fear since the license was due since June 21st which I really had forgotten

about it. Just imagine, I drove for about 3 months plus without a valid license… Thank GOD I was and always in a very good Hands… Hmm, Kenyalang post office opened at 8.ooam, not 9.00am and FYI, it also open on Saturday morning too.

After that, I drove to the CIMB branch to get the green card. Walah!, to get that green card is something and to get there is another thing. I didn’t know this bank was located at some place where I never been nor expected it to be located. Finally, due to my patience and determinations, I found that place.

Around 10:45am, I drove to Wisma Hopoh for a KFC Snack Plate before I go shopping. I met some ex-colleague, chat for a while and the off I went to buy some shirts for the wedding tomorrow. I bought two short sleeves shirts and a belt for about RM 255.00. Around 11.30am, drove to Green Road to picked up my nephew to catch up a 12:00 noon movie, ‘’Eagle’s eye’’ at the Metrowealth Cineplex. The movie was fantastic. It is a must watch movie though it was not my genre at all. The movie ended around 1:45pm, drove back home to pick up Ezra before we go to the Spring.

I did my hair at the Edge, ground floor of the Spring. I’m satisfied with their services, it was so personnel. The way how they do your hair, ouch them and hold them is so different compare to some other place I have been to, They were so professional that they really look into my hair and cut, wash, die and blow it systematically.

We went back around 5:00pm. I managed to take and hour nap but woke up around 6:00pm after Ezra woke me up for his badminton game. Phew, I was tired a bit but I also need to remove some KGs of fat now. Around 8:00pm, I brought dad to the clinic. We were both having a mild flu bad a terrible cough. So Dr. Chong from the health clinic always provide me with good medicines and mine, they always makes me sleep! I asked for IT! Oklah, got to stop here, Need to sleep, the effects from the medicines were very strong and I want to sleep now.. Good night and God Bless!


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Annual Leave tomorrow My Bestfriend’s Wedding

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