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October 14, 2008 at 10:32 pm Leave a comment

Today’s meeting was a bit shaky but as time goes by, everything seems to be fine and smooth. At least i have some clues on what to do and how to troubleshoot my pending’s item. So after the morning meeting, i skipped breakfast because mom prepared fried rice with the pork soup earlier and yes, it eas a heavy breakfast! Oh yeah, last night Bells and he sister visited us and i think dad was the happiest men in the universe. Well, his flu subside and he had mood last night upon seeing his nieces pay him a visit. Thanks Bell, at least their visitations helped  my dad feel more at home, at home? Yes at home, because these neices spoke his mother tounge. So last night, the atmosphere was different. Bidayuh language fill the air. My cousins spoke Bidayuh with dad and believe it or not, my broken bidyuh also came out and it was like we were at our old longhouse… I think that makes dad felt so easy and pleased. Hmm, should i go for a Bidayuh class instead? ”Doh ku pu an”…

So today we managed to recover about 70%  of the issue which happend yesterday. I was quite happy though physically tired and mentally stressed! I believe that things will be different tomorrow onwards. I just let everything goes to God’s hands. As i rest in HIM alone. Oh yeah, i was really touched by a u-tube in one of my most visit blog. It was about a men whom was born without both hands but he plays the guitar beautifully with his feet and with everything that he has, he praise GOD despite of his physical being. But he confessed that he is complete in HIM! My tears drop and it makes me think for a while. I have everything, both hands and legs and yet i still feel incomplete. I always want more and more and more, seems that evetything that i owned is not enough and i’m alwasy not satisfied with things. But after watching the u-tube, i realised that i was wrong! I need to learn to be content. I need to learn to be thankful with whatever there is and i need to learn to give cheerfully. It’s not that late to relised about this thing. Take actons and change whatever need to be change especiall in attitude wise.

Lord, help me to tell my self that i am complete in you, Jesus., I am content and will not will be deceived by the devil that stole my happiness in YOU. Everything is YOURS Lord, including ME.


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