It was Fine

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Yesterday afternoon, mom, Andy and his girlfriend Evelyn and me and my girlfriend went to her kampung. The mission is to get some fruits and vagetables aka meet future father mother in law. Was i nervous? No, i was in a steady mood and i was so excited to see them. We drove there around 2pm and reach there around 2.45pm. It was a long way indeed. The road reminded me of my 1st time journey to SMK Padawan where i was a back up teacher there. At that time, it was not tarred and the it was not smooth neither. I always asked my dad, ‘Are we there yet?’ if im not mistaken, many times. While my mom was a litle bit concern too due to the distance. Maklumlah, i kan anak mak 🙂 But finally we arrived at a very beautiful school located in the wood. I spent my 2 weeks there,as if a vacation which i really enjoyed, nevertheless teaching the students Science and Mathematics which were my favourite subjects. I think i did a great job 🙂

The sceneary at the7 acres land were surprisingly beautiful. All my ‘jet-lag’ gone upon seeing the breath taking view. The house was rather big bit quite empty. I saw 4 sape hanging on the wall. Hmmm, my father in law is a musician too… Earlier i informed my mom that she musn’t expect to much from my new inlaws since they live in a simple way, but believe it or not, when we returned back to Kuching, the car were full with Durians, cempedak, Buah n’kala and hot chillies, lots of them. What a blessing, i told my self.

Well, i hope that our plan to get engagge in this coming early December and the wedding next yaear July 2009 will happen. I surrender everything to God for the decision is HIS.

That evening, Ivy’s family and Doli’s family came over for dinner. Yes, everyone were there to hear the good news, indirectly lah.

We had Bi Hun Sup and later a cup of hot Boh tea to end the night.

To me, it was another Saturday which i will remember and write in my blog. It was the day when i met and accepted important people in my life. Many hearts and souls involved and I thanked God for giving me the chance to bind us all in one book where stories are made and the stories bacame histories and of course everyone wants to have a good ending bit it depends on how we ourselves bring the character forth. Yes, another new chapter is just created and i hope it would be colorful and exciting! Interesting yet mysterious.

So I just lift everything in GOD’s hand because He is the Author of my life 🙂


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