Gold Rings

October 25, 2008 at 11:00 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday i was on leave. Don’t be surprised that starting from today, i would be taking more annual leaves for me to use for my engagement preparation.

Yesterday morning i brought mom, Ian and Snah to the carpentar street to look for our engagement ring. It was raining at that time. Frankly, to search the rings was not my game.. So i called the expereinced people to get more informations on the engagement ring..

Me: Hello Do, where did you buy your weddiing ring and how much was it?

My Sis: AT the Carpenter street. It was about RM2k

Me: Why was it so expensive?

My Sis: Oh, it was self design with some tiny diamonds on it.

Me: Can i use my engagement ring as my wedding ring also?

My Sis: Not sure *wink**wink 

I ask the same last questions to the Gold shop owner..

Gold Shop: Ayo, boley lorrrrrr.. Lebeeee manyak jimat lorrrrrr.. hahahaha

Me: What is the difference between Gold 999 and gold 912

Gold Shop: The percentage of the mixture between gold and other element which strengthen the bond between them which made the ring stands strong and will not bend easily.


So, Snah and i bought our engegement ring with our names carved underneath each other’s ring.

We stop by at the india street, kedai mamak for our lunch and then sent Snah back to RTM before we go straight back home.

That night we have our house group conducted by Rev Trevor. But i was not paying my attention to him instead i was more focus towards my engagement plan. After everything was over, we had some light supper and wine too.

At the same time, Rev. Trevor did is short councelling to Snah and I. Around 11.30pm, everyone went back home…


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