Royal Birthday Party at de Sri Ijah Palace

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It is the day everyone is waiting for especially to the residents of the palace themselves because the only princess in the family is celebrating her birthday today. Princess Bethany Megan, aged 5, is celebrating her birthday this evening with all the other invited guests from the neighbouring country such as Dream land, Fantasy Island, Somewhereover De Rainbow and Babylon. Actually the venue and the time of the celebration were made as a secret to the press, in order to protect the royalists’ and also the invited celebraties’ privacy and finally the answer on when and where the celebration is to be done was revealed by one of the royal closest family members to all the world and also nontheless to the parparatzis. An exclusive report by the CNN and the al-Jazera shows the opness of these monarchy towards the outside world.

Here’s the short news by CNN after the party.

” The small glamouress Royal Birthday Party started early this morning where the staffs of the palace discussed on the proper theme based on the decorations requested by the Princess Megan earlier. Through sheer determination, though the request was rather like to collect 5 tonnes of mosquitoes legs in a pail, they managed to make an enchanting beautiful garden like royal party.

Below were the 4 royalists staffs working so hard to pleased the princess. From Left in orange, is the Master Cheperon. Her main duty is to shout and scream whenever and where ever she needs to. This is to protect the Royalist from any danger and troubles because her scream will cause semi death Only to the wicked one. The 2nd cheperon is the chief of the party and decorations. You don’t want to get mess with him neither do I so lets go to the 3rd cheperon. She is the Quality Check where she test everything from foods to drinks and also she ensure the weather is perfect and the ambience is right for the party that night. Hereby, she is doing strenght test and 100 cycles of sit up and down on this particular chair. She has another 29 more to go and finally, the junior cheperon is mainly for the retards, mute and the deaf royal. He will communicate with them in sign language, smokes and even by using picturegram in casev any royal guests have questions during that night. But as usual, the junior cheperon is the most relax person that night.

Below is the picture where the 2 staffs were trying realy hard to hang the Royal Banner and eventhough the sun was above thier heads, they keep on concentrating their work due to their love to their princess. Looks like Sir Andy and Sir Navin were trying really hard to make this party a succesfull, yet did not abondoned the royalists features of characteristic and personal details.

Asking whether the Princess would like to have Baloons or the Royal Horse Parade, she excitedly chose the baloons. more ballons she claimed!

Below were the King’s Horsemen, the keeper of the gate on duty to overcome the traffic across the palace and to prevent a massives jam since the guests invited would be more than the last years’. The crowds of commoner were also under controlled. . Some even had their camps outside the Royal Sri Ijah since last week. But they were well fed with good foods and drinks. 

Non of the air crafts were allowed to passed by over the Sri Ijah during that period.


The first royal guest to arrive was Princess of Monaco de 7th Mile arived at the palace and walking at the red carpet. Her fashion in that evening was simple  yet cosy and it was made in Italy 100% discount store, Kenyalang Park. Just look at her watery eyes, her make up was done around the eyes with an expensive brown sugar. The 2nd royal guest was the 1st cousin of Princess Megan, Dutchess of Quop whom was wearing a beautiful gown with purple lace around her waist and the shoes were simply tailor made by the Charles and co, Unaco 10th mile.


Another VVIPS from the city of Angels, Duke Samuel and Prince Ezra masquarading and having their own good time at the red carpet… Gorgeous! Both of these charming Royalist are so popular among the girls in european country, Mongolia , Khazastan and Bhutan.

Due to the personal request from 122 royalists from other country whom did not want their photos to be exposed nor shown to public, so the CNN respect their wright and requests in order not to be sued!

Finally, around 8:00pm, Manila time, the graceful birthday Princess came out with her beautiful evening gown, wowing everyone in the palace and they were amused with her smooth complexion. As everyone sang the Happy Birthday song, she walked slowly along the glamour red carpet, not to confident where the check point is, the Master cheperon need to hold her hands towards the grand stand where every eyes were locked and that’s where the cakes awaits for her to blow 5 candles and cut the cakes eventually.

Happy Birthday 5 y/o Bethany Megan ” – CNN


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