Experiencing His Love and His Grace

November 16, 2008 at 11:34 pm Leave a comment

I really enjoy this morning worship though i was one of the musician. Who says that when you play the instruments, its hard to wroship? I don’t. Maybe my principal towards this thing is wrong. i demand good music and i demand good songs. I demand perfections to be offer to the Lord. Thats why practise is necessary. I screw the music team including the worship leader if they don’t give their very best in that 45 minutes Praise and worship. I can forgive them if they practise hard and they had already take many precautios steps like changing the songs, upgrade the keys and etc, but i’ll be pissed of if they don’t practise nor to improve any flaws during rehearsel.

Yes, nobody is perfect, i myself most of the time forgot to pray for my food, before going to sleep and most of the decisions were made base on my instincts. Its the matter Yes or No, then what ever effects or curcumstances derive from it, i’ll deal with it like normal human being. Some people will pray about it and some people may nor forgot about it and some people even careless about it. Hey, again, i’m not perfect, i always fail my God and i always make mistakes!

To pray or not to pray whether you want a blue lolipop or a green lolipop or for a right decision, its all up to you! The most important thing here is God himself. Life is about God! Everything is His. That’s what HE wants! Not what i want…

Wow, tonight was really hard for me. I just want to say it out loud from the bottom of my heart. Reminds me of some saying.. Life is like a roller coster, full with ups and downs…

Got to stop now,, Thank you , Lord Jesus for always being there for me 🙂

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