Music School

November 17, 2008 at 10:04 pm Leave a comment

Today Ezra enroll for his guitar lesson at the International Music School. Actually it is a School holiday package kind of thing where students who love to play piano, organ or guitar were taught the basic knowledge on music. Actually i was kind of worry about Ezra when i flashback few months ago when her mom and i together with him trying to enrol him in the Boys Brigade team. At first he was so excited about it and he talked alot about it at home and in the car too. But when we arrived at the enrolment area, he was gkuled to her mom. So afraid to let her go and he cried and begging us to go home. Until today he never talked about Boys Brigade.

Lord, i don’t know what will happen to all my nephews and my neice(s), seems that non of them (as of now) excell in their study or is it too early to tell? It’s a tough world out there and only the strong will live. I believe that all my brothers and sisters are doing well and this is our parents pride and their achievments too. No parents want their children to fail unless they fail themselves. I know that my mom trade of her gold bracelets and her gold collections (i’ve seen those jewellery when i was small) when we were still studying and they were her favourites. I’ve seen my mom collected 50 cents syilings in a white plastics bottle and it was so full at that time. But i didn’t see it anymore. I know my mom spent all of her money to us so that we have enough food and enogh books and we can go to school, and finally to the university.

But i wonder why is it so difficult for me to sacrifice my money,time and etc that they ask for, after i have my own work? In my mind, i only think of me, myself and I. Why didn’t i go and claim back my mothers jewellery since i already have money? …..


Mom , dad i love you.

*sob* sob* *sob*


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Experiencing His Love and His Grace Work Again

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