Pinoy Drama

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Last night I watched a very intersting story about one family which was extremely tied to their custom and traditional ways. Everything was perfect,good family relationship, good business and a happy family, except for one thing. The pinoy siblings must married a chinese because their grandparents were chinese and they didn’t want to break the tradition due to the respect to their elders. Actually they were mix blood, half chinese half pinoy, but more to a chinese custom. In their house, there was an altar for them to put the joysticks and photos of their great grand parents and some fruits as an offering.

Things started to fall apart when the going-to-get-marry brother’s fiance left him in the morning of their wedding day. He was full with shame and broken hearted and he started to seperate himself from the outside world for about 6 months. Leslie, the eldest charming sister whom marrid to a chinese was having a marriege problem too. The husbang always nagging her around and she could not make any kind of mistake at all unless she wanted to be scolded by her mother in-law. That was the normal threat to her. And since then, she became so timid and afraid of her husband. The second sister, Mona was so hardworking. She was the one whom handling the family business all the while after the brother became insane. She was the bread winner of the family and acted like their parents. But deep in her, she’s just like other woman, fragile and feminin and she wanted to have a normal kind of relationship, infact, she had one secret admire, Alex in Canada and they chat with each other every night. Finally the youngest one, Juliet was quite rather spoilt. She wanted to break the tradition by not having a chinese instead a pinoy boyfriend, Gary. Due to that , Leslie always tried to stop such relationship and try not to encourage her to meet with Gary anymore.


One cold evening, after a family dinner, the three sisters got into a big argument due to an uninvited guest, Gary to the family party. I love this part so much until i could remember their conversations after a long night sleep.. hahaha..

One thing which i love about the story is, these 3 ladies always refer to the insane brother if they have problems. To me, it signifies how bad a family situations is, everybody depends with each other regardless status and situations. The family ties will always there no matter how big the problem is, at leasat one of them would help to overcome it. I like the ending. Finally the brother recovered and that gave the 3 sisters a surprised and it was a total renewal of strenght despite the battle they had fight for inorder to win back their long lost freedom from their wicked traditional ways. It’s a must watch family drama. I give it 2 thumbs up!


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