4 Dec 08

December 4, 2008 at 11:05 pm Leave a comment

4 December 08, hmmm, I look deeply into the number… what so special about this day, the date, the week? Hmm, still clueless… Well at least today I received a RM 200 direct transaction into my account after 10 months of debting me, from an old friend. I was quite angry at her once due to this incident, I feel cheated and losing my trust towards her. I do hope she maintain the payment because she has another RM1800 to go. May God bless her. As for me, I’ll not be stupid anymore for lending some people this big amount of money. Lesson learnt, though thru a hard way…

As I look deeper into that date, a golden wedding invitation card disturb my concentration, should I go or not, yup, end of this week is my colleague’s wedding, Sulastri and Ijad. It would be on Sunday 10 am. Hmm, that’s when our church service started. I am not sure if I could make it or not. It sounds grand because the wedding would be at the Dewan Suarah, Kuching.

So what’s so special about today? Now I remember, 8 years back, at this day, I join this company. It has been 8 years since I join this company and today is my 8th year anniversary… To total up my working experience, it is about 9.5 year’s altogether. Wow, that’s about 1/3 of the working years for a guy like me. (out of 30 years to pension). So what have I and will I achieve? Here’s the 10 list of what I have na d what I will have…


  1. I have a caring and loving family
  2. I have a livable house with my own garden
  3. I have a useful huge MPV
  4. I have a challenging job with a good salary
  5. I have a good Church to served
  6. I have a trustworthy friends/social club
  7. I will have an understanding beautiful wife
  8. I will have 4 charming intelligent children
  9. I will have a playful pet dog and I will call it Rocky

I leave no 10 blank. Reserve it for something which i know good.



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