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Another 3 days would be weekends again. How times flies. This coming weekends will be a busy one for me and family. Yes, we have 2 weddings to attend. The weather nowadays is always wet. It would be raining and gloomy for the whole day. That’s when I feel so lazy and prefer to sleep, instead of doing any activities. Maybe any bloggers can suggest me on what to do during those situations so that I won’t be wasting my time for not doing anything.

Last 2 nights I had a weird dream. I think i was a student at that time. Well, you know dreams, sometimes you are a student but suddenly you are a teacher. It’s really unpredictable. So that morning I was on my way to work from Tabuan Jaya until I reach the Police complex roundabout where I see nothing but only water and dark sky. It was scary scenery as if the world has come to end. So I just drive ahead and the next that I know, I was driving on a slippery wet soil until I reach the school. I saw none of the teachers were teaching and the students were doing their own business. Out of a sudden I told one of the teacher not to be affected by the economic down turn since your job is to teach so teach. So she started to teach and chain reaction started where every teacher started to teach, I don’t know what happen next because I turn up to be in another place and then I  woke up from my sleep …

I realize that most of my dream involved water, sea and river or something wet. Anyway, I don’t believe in all those weird stuff. But one thing for sure, those dreams makes me wanted to wet my bed. It happen once but most of the time, I reached the loo on time J


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