Matric 1 Part 1

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I just smsed my nephew Navin to wish him a sweet 18 birthday. Well, to recall, when i was in his age, i was already doing my further study in west Malaysia, independant and full with curiosity. So here’s my story. 

In August, 1994 I went to further my study in Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman (STAR), Ipoh, Perak, under the USM matriculation 1 programme. I’d like to share my life in this blog, as a student in one of the very well known boarding school in west Malaysia.

Since I like to fly, dad bought 2 tickets which made us to land in Johor airport for an hour transit, another hour in Subang airport and finally we arrived at Sultan Azlan Shah airport, around evening time. We took a taxi to a hotel, I think it was a cheap hotel like in the 60’ ambience. From the floor tiles, to the bed until the ceiling, it reminded me of one of the P Ramlee’s movie where he stayed in one of the hostel where he could hear what the other neighbour were doing. But I know dad’s intension, not to waste money since it’s only a night sleep before the next morning.

Ipoh is just like Kuching, only Ipoh is a satellite city and there are more Indians here. My new school is situated about 15 minutes from the Ipoh city. Is is situated nearby Taman Cempaka. Upon arrival at the school, we were introduced to the Guru Besar or whom we call Ahahnda..

Around 10am, the assistant brought us to my hostel. Dad followed from behind and he was carrying my bags too. The walked from the office to the hostel was a hard one knowing that soon I will say goodbye to dad. Frankly I never being so far apart from my family since young and this would be the 1st time I’m separated from home. After I was given a bed, which was just next to the door and the staircase and a closet of my own, dad went of to the airport to catch the next flight back to Kuching. I can still remember I just sat on the bed crying like a 10 years old boy.. hahaha.. quite embarrassing if I recall back… Few minutes later, out of the blue, a boy approached me and he introduced himself as John Chukit, an Iban like me and doing the same course like mine. So we became friend… 

-pic; me looking at the camera, then John and Yoga the Indian boy. We were the only three non muslim doing the course at that time… We were having our lunch. That was the only place where i have to eat with steel tray. I never live in a boarding school before and its a boys school! 


There were two of us, an Indian guy by the name of Yoganathan and me. We were introduced to the teacher in charge of our programme and later he put s in a different class where I was in Matrix P while Yoga is in Star Q (if I’m not mistaken). It was determined by who has the best mathematic result in SPM. Well Yoga beat me and he got into the best class while I was in the class where 90% were from Kelantan, 2% from Terengganu, a girl from Johor Bahru, few from Selangor and I’m the only student from the east Malaysia. Basically, I was In the class where most of my class mates got a passing marks only in their English but striked distinction and credits in Modern Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and additional Math in SPM. So I was the favourite student in the 1st semester and my favorite teacher was Puan Serojah whom taught us English cum our Class teacher. (TO be continue…)


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