Matric 1 – Hostel Life

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Living in the hostel was truly a battle for me. Our building has 4 hostels, 2 at the ground floor and 2 at the upper floor. The wash room divides the left and right wing hostels. My hostel is at the upper right wing and I was sharing rooms with the other 15 matric students came from different states of Malaysia . Thank God, John and I was in the same room although our bad was quite far, I think there were 5 beds in between and the beds were double decked type. Living in the hostel needs gut too. There were many ghost stories told and there is a taboo saying that one must not get the bed next to the entrance door and its best to have the upper and lower beds, occupied. This is to prevent any spiritual contact with the ghost.

Pity me I didn’t know that rule so I was very happy to have the last double decked bed of my own! More space and more privacy I reckoned. We have a book shelves as a bed divider. So the person’s bed next to me was Haris from Kelantan whom was also was my classmate. He speaks deep Kelantan dialect and Thai language. I think he was eccentric. He is good in Math and Physics and I always join his group during lab and classes because he helps a slow learner like me to understand the theory easily. I think also, due to his eccentric-ness, he was not care about the taboo at all. That’s why he got the last bed alone before I got in. So we both enjoyed our privacy where we have the freedom to choose either to sleep on top or at the lower bed.

Below our room, there is a TV room where we always watch news and play scrabble. Every Saturday morning, there would be and Inspection by the hostel prefects so we always ensure everything especially our bed were done properly, the sarongs were folded at place and out closet is not in a mess. Books must be arranged on the shelves and oh ya, the only rule that I remember most was no Jeans allowed! So on the 1st week that Saturday, john brought me to Taman Cempaka Tailor where they do provide us a closet to keep our jean and believe it or not, my jeans were in as safe place for 9 months without being touch or stolen. I couldn’t remember how the tracking system works because I didn’t have any password or any key at all, but it really worked.

A place must have its keeper. So did our hostel. It was eyed closely by whom we called a ROBOCOP! He was mean, intolerance, injustice and he got the entire bed attitudes to himself. Actually he was not that bad at all, he was only doing his work riding on is motorbike, ensured us to got to classroom on time and never skipped preparation class at noon and night time. He did a great job I must say… Our wash room is divided into 2 rooms, the left room is for the business with the banks and there are 5 counters and on the right room is the shower room and there were 8 shower rooms all together that can suits about 15 people at one time on the same floor. Usually I always go to the next Gym building just nearby (about 1 minute walk) because the water pressure is higher and less people were using that room. Friend? Yes, every student in the hostel is my friend. Most of my roommates were my classmates too. Sometimes things which happened in class room or in the lab surely would be discussed in the hostels too. 

Honestly, thank God, I never meet nor hear any weird thing for the whole 2 semesters. Pics below was taken at the school front gate during one weekend.


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Doulos Here we come Matric 1 – Weekends

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