Matric 1 – Weekends

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If you stay in a boarding school where you study from morning to night and from Monday to Friday and there be no contact with the outside world, Weekends are the days you would be looking forward to. I always love weekends. Weekends to me are FREEEDOM. Free from teachers, free from half of the school rules, free from lectures and free from waking up early (though I can stay late only on Friday and Saturday nights). So most of the STARIAN always took this advantage to go out to town and enjoy themselves within those 8 hours of freedom ( On Saturdays, we can ONLY go out at 9.00 am after the bed inspection and MUST be back before 5.00 pm). So John and I always targeted the Chinese shop where we can have pork. Life without pork is just like eating but never feels full or drinking but still feels thirsty… Waseh.. hahaha.. After meal, we always go for movie unless there are no new movies, we’d go window shopping. Time is golden and we must make fully use of it. So, OCEAN hyper mart, Yik Fung, Parkson and Ipoh Parade were our favorite place. It’s the time to explore Ipoh City and yup, we did. Ipoh became very familiar to me since then.

Sunday is a rest day at the hostel. It’s another free time for the STARIAN but not for John and I. We go to church on Sunday morning. Yes, only us can go out thru the gate without being caught by the ROBOCOP. I really thank God for giving me the strength living in a place where we were the minority. And I thank the school management for allowing and trusting us to go out every Sunday, though I know there were spies all the time, for church. Frankly, John and I did not stay at one church only. Non suits our spiritual needs. We’ve been to the Canning Garden Methodist Church (Quite long here due to my uncle attend this church), St. Peter Anglican Church (Quite long here due to many Sarawakian), FGA Ipoh (Quite long here due to the delicious Mi Kampua at the shop nearby the church hehehe) and the Canning Garden Baptist Church (quite long here because we jadi anak angkat to a Datuk and datin.. hahaha.) So those were the days that I have been thru. Personally I never like to live in a hostel but I reduce a lot of weight and my BMI was always in spec

To be continued…


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Matric 1 – Hostel Life Operation Theater

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