Operation Theater

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I want to share with you all about my experience during my ankle operation which I had last October. Actually It was very painful experience because I couldn’t really walk instead I need to use the ‘tongkat’. But at the same time, I was quite excited over the operation because I planned to watch it live! Means, I am still awake during the operation is being done. So I informed the nurse in advance so that she would convey my request to the surgeon. My operation was at 12.30 noon time. So around 12.00, I was brought to the operation room using the wheel chair and transfer to a bed before we enter into the operation room. Another request from me to the management was I don’t want to be naked in front of everyone just like what I experience during my gallstone operation last year. It was very cold and so embarrassing you know… hehehe.. So, in the room, they transferred me from the bed to another smaller operation bed. I can see that the Normah’s hospital operation hall is much bigger and grander compare to the Kuching Specialist Hospital . The doctors spoke Iban with me and they understand that I wanted to see the operation been done till they prepared a big mirror for me. They asked me to sit and bend frontward while they japed my backbone twice. The injection was not that painful but the effects were so drastic. Within 5 minutes my legs were numb. I couldn’t feel anything from abdomen downward. They shoved my left leg until the ankle to the feet and clean it with sterilized water. Another 5 minutes, I started to lose my senses at the thorax side. I couldn’t feel my hands and my breathing was disturb! I think my lungs were malfunction at that time. I was getting panic and inform the doctor that I couldn’t breathe. I could only move my head but not the lower part of my body and it was so scary and uncomfortable. As if a 100 ton of cements were laid on me. The doctor said it is normal due to the bused. Finally without any doubt nor regrets, I asked the doctor to put me to sleep and forget my intention to see the operation. After another shot, a minute later, after a 6 counts of the black sheep, I slept. 2 hours later I woke up and I was already on the bed in my room. Pic below; After the operation….


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Matric 1 – Weekends Engagement

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