4 weddings And A Funeral

January 4, 2009 at 9:54 pm Leave a comment

This morning I went to church with Snah and parents. Last night we went to to the NPC to watch the Korean Dancer presentation again. Though it was quite a little bit different compare to their presentation earlier on Friday night at the kuching civic Center.

Oh that Friday afternoon, I had a self accident. Yeah, I knocked the house gate and the side of the car was badly hit and the scratch was so damn long! That night, I was a little bit sick, I think my blood pressure was quite high due to that incident Hishhh! Bad me. I was so careless and dumb! I dont have mood that evening but Snah comfort me with her magic spell!!! So I was ok  a bit until the weekend. On Saturday morning Roslan picked up the car and sent it to workshop and I got my car back on Sunday evening, with no more ugly scratches on it!

After Praise and worship, Snah and I drove to Serian to attend our friends moms funeral. The weather was a bit warm but cloudy. I hate funeral because my eyes always get itchy and watery, or maybe I was crying? I felt their pain and sadness and I know how it felt when someone close to you died. It is a painful moment because they are with the Lord now so you will miss them, you want to talk to them and tell them things but you cant. When that moment happen, I will cry and cry until I become tired. Thats my personal experience with late Ps Esther.


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