A note from Israel

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I just received an emal from our family friend in Israel…

The CARMEL ALERT Gaza Update Jan 5th

Shalom shalom to those who are aligned with the purposes of God

Josie and I were overwhelmed by the incredible response we got to the urgent prayer request that we sent out on Sunday

I am sure you are monitoring the news to keep up to date with the facts on the ground

The anti Israel demonstrations around the world are very disturbing – moreso for the state of the hearts of the people who are so against Israel  – and by connection against the God of Israel 

The media is showing both sides of the story, but apart from Fox channel, the way the others all report the war, they are suggesting that Israel is to blame  – 

At least President Bush, the Australian PM, President Sarkozy and other leaders are laying the blame firmly on Hamas, but the left wing anti-God, anit-Semitic liberals are not listening

The IDF operation is going very well, having delivered a very harsh blow to the Hamas organisation –  the Air Force has destroyed more than 1/3 of the rocket stock pile and launch equipment.   The tanks & foot soldiers have split the Gaza Strip into 3 areas, preventing the movement of weapons and Hamas personel.  Even so 30 plus rockets are still being fired every day. 

Sadly one IDF soldier ( age 22 ) has been killed and 50 injured – most light injuries from mortar shrapnel

While international pressure increases for a cease-fire, both sides ignore the calls and the war continues for now.  I personally feel that it will be over by the end of this week – we pray so.

Josie and I feel that the next 72 hours are extremely critical, so please continue to pray –

Your prayers are making a difference   –  Josie was very distressed all day Saturday after Jordan called to tell us he was going in.  However after
we sent the prayer request out and our faithful prayer partners began to pray and intercede, she has been totally strengthened in her inner man and the weeping turned to declarations of victory for Israel.

We are hearing of many miraculous situations where IDF soldiers have been protected from serious injury

One of the prayer points was to pray confusion in the camp of the enemy –  we just received this report from Arutz 7 News

Subject:   A7News: ‘Cast Lead’ Leaves Phoneless Terrorists Confused
The “Cast Lead” counterterrorist campaign has spread to cyberspace and cell phones, leaving Hamas’s terrorist army in confusion, unable to issue and receive orders efficiently. Almost of all of Gaza’s cell phone system is out of order, television stations have been hit and the Hamas website is down.  The local phone company Paltel said that 90 percent of Gaza’s cellular system is out of order. Compounding the problem are the downing of landlines and the inability of technicians to reach work sites. Switchboards and mobile communications equipment have sustained heavy damage in air raids.
    Hamas’s leaders, who have been forced underground, have been forced to rely on old-fashioned walkie-talkies to maintain communication with terrorists. Most of the upper echelon orders are coming from Hamas headquarters in Damascus, manned by Khaled Mashaal. Paltel has warned subscribers that they may be completely cut off from the outside world. Electricity blackouts have made it difficult for the population to receive radio and television programs, and television stations that have not been destroyed by aerial strikes often are not able to broadcast.
    The Hamas website is down after several attempts to put in back on the Internet. Israel previously has hacked other Arab-language sites with messages to the public that it is being exploited by Hamas leaders.  Hamas issued a statement accusing the “The Americans and Zionists” of trying to silence communications. One website that was hacked issued calls for Jihad, the Arabic term for “holy war” on Israel.


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