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Today is Friday and its another weekend i’m really looking forward into. No reason actually. The rain is on and off. But no flood like the last few days. Yeah, i think for the 1st time in my life i saw Kuching was hit by the big flood. To me its big because this flood made my sister stranded at her office after office hour due to the water high level which prevent Mason’s honda civic to move around. The water level was about 3 feets and i was so curious BUT happy about it. I was born in Sibu and Sibu area are fond to flood. No rain but only King tide can turn Sibu into Venice (ever see Venice submerged in water??).

I still remember this one particular day, i think i was 2 years old where i was with my brother Igat sitting at the car porch under the house in Lanang Camp. Our house was built on few strong poles and it is sort like few meters above the land. I think it was engineered that way for the flood. So that morning, nearly lunch time, the rain started to poured like cats and dogs. Just within few minutes the water level reached our car porched. I was so surprised yet excited about it. So my brother picked up a dead leaf and put a few drops of hammer oil at the but of the leaf  and immediately put it down on the water and there it went as quickly forward as if it was like a boat with a horse power engine attached to it.

As a 2 years old lad, it was a magic to me and it was something extraordinaire when one does not know the law of physics at that time. This was one of the activity that we do during flood and another favourite that i could recall back was to swim in the drain in front of the house. How i did it, that i can’t imagine 🙂 Eating sand? Yup, i did that too… As if my mom’s cook were horrible. Oh yea, drinking gasoline? Yup, that’s me and i was hospitalized for a night to  get my stomach cleaned.

I don’t think my nephews and my neice will have the same game like what i (we) had expereinced. Put them in the Rajang River i’m sure they’ll get drown. Not that i want that but things now a days so different. People especially parents tend to play safe.  Can’t blame them tho… But i guess i experienced more than them and i did not regreat to do all those stupid stuffs because i know one day it will turn into a story and i’ll type it on the typewritter opsss!! On the  computer and let my children know what their daddy had done when he was young.


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No wonder…. Weather man

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