Gong Xi Fatt Chai

January 24, 2009 at 12:33 am Leave a comment

It was a quiet day at church today since its a long holiday so many families went back to their home town, i guess, apart from those families whom went for the out reach in the kampung.

Met Apai outside the church and he invited me to go to the house to celebrate the new year eve with them. Emmmm, i always say yes but always never turn up,… i think apai is used to it already…  hehehe…

After church, we had lunch at the 7th mile and i was informed by my sister Ivy that my bro andy would want to have a BBQ that evening despite the injury on his leg, so we bought chicken wings and lambs, .. they are easy to prepare and infact, they are delicous too 🙂

Me and my family had a small scale of BBQ that cold evening, just to let the time pass by while we enjoy the food and wine. The fireworks fill the empty dark sky. Some produced a big bang while the other a small one. But the display were termendously beautiful.


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